Summer camp 2021

It has been a very uncertain year full of changes and we have prepared two Summer plans this year to deal with the ever changing COVID-19 situation. Feel free to email us for any questions!

Pick your own artful summer!

3 Types of Art learning experience available this Summer !


Choose or combine based on your child’s age, interest & learning goals

Most suitable to:

9+ years old (best for those who are new to level 3 or feeling rusty)

Skill development for those who are interested to improve technical skills in sketching and painting.

Skill Boost Camp

Creative Camp

Fun-based activities for creative & crafty hands. Well-balanced exposure to painting, drawing, clay sculpting and paper crafts.  Every session will have a unique project. 80 unique projects for the whole summer!

Most suitable to:

5 - 12 years old

Most suitable to:

Level 1 ~ 3
What does this mean?

Our usual weekly classes (Only one project per week during Summer)

Regular Class

Online or in-person?

View Summer camp schedule

Now with summer camp daily themes!

Limited spots. Currently 50% full

Plan A

Fully Online

Plan B

Hybrid: Online + In-person

There are some weekdays that is in-person and some days will stay online.  Weekly classes will also have both online and in-person available. Please note that our studio location  has changed as well.


We have decided to go with fully online for this Summer.

Fully online for both camp & regular class. If it is not safe to open in-person camp/ class or the limit of students is too low to operate, we will pick this plan.

Most suitable to: 5 - 12 years old    For younger campers, it is highly recommended to be accompanied by an adult during craft and clay sessions

Creative Camp

for those crafty hands!

Our signature camp that has all four types of activities!

  • There are 4 types of projects: Craft, clay, drawing on paper and canvas painting.
  • Every session has an unique project! We will share the scheduled projects soon.
  • Most materials are included. Please see below for details of what you will need.

You need pencil and paint brushes of various sizes .

We provide canvas & some paint enough for this particular project.



You need pencil, scissors, glue gun, white glue & paint brushes of various sizes.

We provide all the other craft materials.




You need toaster oven for baking the clay (takes 15min) , glue gun and paint brushes of various sizes.

We provide the clay and all the other craft materials.



You need pencil, pencil crayons and brushes.

We provide thick paper and very minimum paint (for optional background use).


Most suitable to: 9+ years old

Skill Boost Camp

for technique seekers

New this year! Tailored to those who wants to improve drawing & painting skills!

  • 9 different courses over 9 weeks that focus on improving different aspect in fine arts
  • Great introduction to new joins and essential refreshment to rusty hands
  • Great for our level 2 students who are transitioning to level 3

Course schedule

( more details on each session of the courses will be released soon)


1 (Jul 5 - 10)

2 (Jul 12 - 16)

3 (Jul 19 - 23)

4 (Jul 26 - 30)

5 (Aug 3 - 6)

6 (Aug 9 - 13)

7 (Aug 16 - 20)

8 (Aug 23 - 27)

9 (Aug 30 - Sept 3)


Human portrait drawing

Watercolour 101

Sketching 101

Artist's painting style study

Fantasy world drawing

Fashion design

Landscape painting

Perspective Drawing 101

Fierce vs cute animals

Each course has 4 sessions to complete

For example :

Week 1 : "Human portrait drawing" course

1st session : Eyes

2nd session: Nose & mouth

3rd session: facial proportion

4th session: Different angle of drawing a portrait.

We do have brushes, palettes, aprons and more art supplies for sell as well. Please check our shop page.

Different levels for age 4 - 13+

Regular art class

for non-stop learning

You can join anytime, even right now!

Our regular weekly art class that goes all year round, even during Summer!

  • Flexible schedule: pick a time slot that fits your schedule
  • 1 to 2-hour class based on different age level
  • Focuses on drawing and painting basics
  • Different project per week

Level 1

Age 4 - 6

Level 2

Age 6 - 9

Level 3

Age 9 - 12+

During summer, regular classes will mostly be on weekends. Please check the plan A & B schedules listed  above.

$ How much ? $

No matter which type of camp, we are charging by session. Each camp session is 1.5 hr

The more sessions you sign up, the more savings you can get.

The following camp pricing is based on Plan A: Online Camp.
We may have minor adjustments if we switch to Plan B in-person option.

Skill Boost Camp

Must sign up the whole course (consists of 4 sessions )


1 - 2 courses : $200+HST/course

3 - 6 courses : $190+HST/course

7 - 9 courses : $180+HST/course




Creative Camp

1 - 4 sessions : $55+HST/session

5 - 7 sessions : $53+HST/session

8+ sessions+ : $50+HST/session

Depends on Plan A or B, the time for the sessions can differ. Please review the 2 schedules above.

Regular Class

Classes use our flexible 10-pass pricing. Please check our main weekly art class page for more details. You can use the class pass during and beyond this Summer.

Materials ?

Limited spots


max for each session is 12 spots !

Sign up early! Our past winter & spring camps were all full

Fill this Google form to register. Please book at least 1 week  in advance for us to arrange delivery of materials.

Delivery of materials for virtual classes in Markham/Richmond Hill is free.

For both Creative & Skill boost camp, we provide most of the materials such as canvas, watercolour paper, some paint, craft materials and clay.

We do ask that you have these supplies at home :

- Brushes of various sizes

- Palette

- Pencil crayons
- Pencil & eraser

- Cup of water for rinsing

- Scissors *

- White glue / glue gun *


* For craft and clay sessions in Creative Camp

We do have brushes, palettes, aprons and more art supplies for sell as well. Please check our shop page.



Cancellation Policy

Sorry, no refunds for all our services and products. This is our all time policy.
Cancellation for camp sessions must be made
at least one week prior and only studio credit can be given. If project materials have been delivered before cancellation, only partial of the camp fees can be credited.   If you need to switch camps days after the materials have been delivered, there will be additional fee to re-deliver new materials since all materials for each project is unique.

Past online camp student's work!

Designed by Joyce Ng 2021.  Copyrighted.