Old studio credits & classes policy

Updated on Mar 28, 2023

Classes purchased back in 2019 or before 2019

Back in Nov 2022, we have expired all the old classes that were purchased in and before 2019. Majority of our past students have been very cooperative and already either used up all their studio credits with us with the new expiry policy we established in 2019. For those who missed the deadline, we are sorry that your classes have been expired. We had sent reminders repeatedly in newsletters and posted updates on website. We have given many grace periods and extensions already before and after COVID. Due to fairness, we are trying to now phase out anyone with old studio credits.


"Studio credits" (Does Not includes classes. Studio credits are the result from canceling previous camps / workshops and etc.).


All studio credits will now have an expiry date of Dec 31, 2023. We had given years of time to use the studio credits since we opened back in 2013. It is simply not feasible and viable to the business that allows credits to be stored indefinitely. Anyone who believes they have old studio credits still with us to contact us ASAP to make arrangements through EMAIL. We highly suggest to use it in our coming summer camp.


Effective on Mar 28, 2023, any future accumulation of studio credit will have a 1 year expiry starting from the original intended use date.


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