Tips & smooth way to use Skype

Setup & login

1. Install to laptop

We recommend using the desktop version of Skype, which seems to be more stable and more options to customize your view layout. However, you can also use it on tablet.


2. Don't use guest account

It is highly recommended to log in your own account and use the same account for classes instead of using a guest account.

There seems to be more problems linking to the right chat room if you use a guest account .


3. Add us on Skype "Pencil Studio CA"

You can also add us "Pencil Studio CA" on Skype so we can add you to your right class and ring you when the class starts. You can search us with this email: (Yellow logo)




During the class video call

1. Unblur your background

Make sure to unblur your background. This will allow us to see your child's work more clearly when they hold it up to the camera, and allow us to effectively give feedback. You can choose this option when you are about to join the call (picture 1) or after you joined the call (picture 2)

We have some Skype tips that are shown in this video, and also listed individually below:

Picture 1 ( Right before you join the call)

Picture 2 (During the call)

When you are in the call, click the "More" button (with three dots), and select "Unblur my background".



2. Maximize teacher's window

In order to view the instructor more clearly, you can drag the other students' camera feeds away. Follow the numbered steps in the two images below:




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