Economic Art supplies


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To learn about how to setup for online classes , please check here

What you need for in-person classes (due to COVID)

Due to COVID-19, we have changed our studio policies for the health and safety of our students. All in-person students will be requested to bring their own art supplies; there will be no communal supplies provided (excluding paper and paint). If needed, you must purchase your own apron or smock.


What you need for online classes?

  • Pencil and eraser
  • Oil pastels / crayons
  • Colour pencils
  • Acrylic paint (or water based paint) - 10 colours is enough (basic rainbow colour with black and white)
  • At least 3 brushes : Large (thumb size), medium (half the size) and pointy/ tiny. Use synthetic brushes that are softer, not the bristle ones for mostly oil paint.
  • Watercolour paper about 11"x 15"
  • A paint palette ( paper plate, plastic plate or ceramic plate)

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