Re-opening Safety Measures

Welcome back students! Here are some safety measures that we are implementing that you should keep in mind when you come for class at the studio.

  • Maintain and reinforce at least 6ft distance between all staff and students in studio
  • Smaller class sizes to maximum 6 students and no walk-ins.
  • Only staff and students are permitted in the studio during class hours. Waiting area is closed, parents may wait in their car in the parking lot. Please see drop-off & pick-up procedure below.
  • Prospective visitors will be advised to email or call us instead of walking in for inquiries during class time.
  • Students will be asked to bring their own art supplies (brushes, pencils, etc.). There are no communal materials (excluding paint and paper).
  • Everyone who enters the studio (students and staff) will be asked to wear a face covering.
  • We will provide a disposable face mask if the student doesn’t have one.
  • Teacher will have minimal contact with students’ artwork
  • Washroom will be sanitized regularly, and is available for student use only. Teacher will use a separate washroom.
  • Students will be asked to take turns to wash their hands, and will be reminded frequently to do so.
  • Hand sanitizers are provided in classroom and hallway
  • Desks, chairs, common area seatings, washrooms & washing area, door knobs and switches are regularly sanitized multiple times everyday and between each class.
  • We will check each student’s temperature at the door and we will send home any student who displays any abnormal temperature, or cold/flu symptoms.
  • All in-person teachers will be screened for their health and recent social activity and contact. We will advise staff to minimize going to crowded places and travelling.
  • Staff are required to wear PPE (face covering and face visor).
  • Staff will be asked to report if they recently travelled or have fallen ill.
  • Contact tracing: if a staff member or student falls ill with COVID-19, we will inform any students and staff who may be affected. All parents are asked to verify their contact information on-file in their Mindbody account to facilitate any contact tracing.

Drop-off and pick-up procedure

  1. When you arrive, please remain in your car. This is our new “waiting area”.

  2. Text or call (647) 9266  288 to indicate your arrival.

  3. We will let you know when you can bring your child to the door with their mask on.
    * If you don’t have a mask, we are able to provide you with a complimentary one.

  4. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance.

  5. We will take your child’s temperature with a contactless forehead thermometer.

  6. Physical distancing is in effect; only students are permitted INSIDE the studio.

  7. At pick-up time, we ask that parents show up on time, and wait in their cars.

  8. We will give you a call to come to the door to pick up your child, who we will send out once you are waiting by the door.

FOR LATE PICK-UPS: you may be charged a late pick-up fee, which would be deducted from your class credits.


Designed by Joyce Ng 2021.  Copyrighted.