Registration guide : For classes

for new students


Click "Register now" button here.


Create account using your child's name
For siblings put " child1 & child2" (Ex. Daniel & Michael)
* please don't use "Family members" function

Click "CLASSES" tab, choose your desired class to book

Click "Sign Up Now" --> "Make a single reservation"
For siblings, please reserve twice if they are coming to the same class.



Booking of the classes does not require immediate payment. You may choose to purchase classes through this system prior to class or pay in person upon your visit.



Please inform us if your child has any allergies or anything you want us to know through the COMMENT field in the online registration form / email.

Registration guide : For camps

for new  & current students

For PA days, Winter, March Break and Summer Camps, registration is NOT available in our app and cannot be done directly on your account.


Due to the complexity of camps, please use the corresponding Google Form. We will review the registration and an invoice will be sent to your account for online payment. (usually about 24 - 36 hours).


Quick links to register :

PA day camp 2019 - 2020

Winter Camp 2019 - 2020

March Break Camp 2020

Summer Camp 2020 (Not open yet)


Once an account has been created, there's no need to create new account every time you want to book a class/ pay for camps. If you forgot your password or need any technical help, please email us:

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