How to use:

Our Self-Service Online System!

Step 1 - Sign In

For New Friends of Pencil Studio

1. Please create an account!

2. Make sure to register using your child's name.

*For families with more than one artist, please share one account; include all names separated with an &
(Ex. Daniel & Michael)

For Current students

1. Choose the top right button "MY ACCOUNT"


2. Log into your account!


*If you've never logged in, or you don't remember/don't know your password, please select "Need new password?" instructions on how to get into your account will be sent to your e-mail address.


*Contact us for help if you experience any difficulties!


Step 2 - Make purchase

For Those who wish to purchase

1. Go to "PURCHASE CLASSES" and choose your desired Class; Camp; or Workshop.


2. Complete your desired purchase.


*Applicable discounts are all applied automatically, for any questions, please ask us!


For Those with unused Classes

1. You are able to use our Online Self-Service System to book the classes you've already purchased.


*There's no need to purchase new classes to use this system! You are also able to track how many classes you have left by choosing the tab "MY INFO" and then selecting "Account".

Step 3 - Book sessions

Book The sessions you want and guarantee your spot!

*Please make reservations to ensure you (or your child) will have a spot for the desired Class; Camp; or Workshop.


1. Go to the tab labeled "CLASSES"
*You will find all Classes; Camps; and Workshops here.


2. Choose your desired date from the calendar icon located in the top right.


3. Select "Sign Up Now" for the time slot you want.
*Availability is on a first come basis! If the class you want is unavailable, please call us and we may be able to work something out if possible!


4. Click "Make a single reservation" to complete booking your class.

You will be directed to your schedule where you can confirm all of your reservations and make any cancellations where necessary.


*When signing up siblings for the same class, please repeat the process to make two separate reservations for the same time slot.


*If you would like to make a recurring reservation for a particular time-slot, please feel free to ask us to do it for you the next time you come into the studio or via e-mail request.


*Although we will never deduct purchased classes from you for any absences we would appreciate it if you could cancel booked classes you do not intend to attend so that others may use the time! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


For Camps

1. Must Book which day(s) or week(s) after purchase to complete the whole registration and confirm spots.


2. If you are booking the whole week, you will need to book each day on the system or call us if you have many weeks and we can help you to book.


2. Please make sure your contact information is up to date, and make sure to e-mail us any information regarding allergies at