A List of our past workshops!

If you see something you like, send us an email! We'll try our best to put it on our schedule if there's a high demand for the painting! We are also open to schedule a slot outside of our regular workshop times, just ask! :)

Please specify which painting, suggested time/date, number of people in the email :) Thank you!

Into the Mist

Spontaneous Butterfly


Sunset Lake

Grand Piano

Midnight in Paris


Autumn Tree


Aurora Lights

Poppy Fields

Golden Leaves

Owl Eyes

Birch Trees

Starry Night

Forest Delight

Soaring Dragonfly

Dotted Sky

Mt. Fuji


T.O. Skyline

Wandering Willow

Golden Hour

Wild Mountain

Moon Cats

Paris Night


Sunny Beach

Flower Bouquet

Cherry Blossoms

Wandering Sunrise

Misty Mountain

Chubby Bunny

Campsite at Night


Rose Bouquet

Lighthouse Shore

Too Good Pond

Colourful Windmill

Canoe on the Lake

Chubby Bunny 2.0

Happy Elephant

Set Sail!

Bridge Over Lilies

Vacation Station

Leather Coin Purse

Old Bennie

Figure Skater

Just a Guitar

Shine After The Storm

Vineyard Field

Expressive Horse

Pride Rock

Cozy Cottage 12" x 16"

Elsa's Castle

Up in the clouds!

Castle in the Sky

Majestic Sky

Under the stars

Koi Fish

Rural Countryside

Vacation Station

Midnight at Paris

Wild bunny

Autumn Trail

Autumn Goddess

Field of Gold

Moving Trees

Royal Celebration

Ocean Dream