Pencil Studio is turning 10 years old!


Thank you for coming to our event !! 
Hope you had a blast and we wish to see you next year!! 10th year Anniversary OPEN HOUSE

Oct 29 (Sunday) 1:00 - 6:00pm

Here are the winners for:

Monster design contest (4 Winners)  1 free class +  art supplies gift bag




Winner: Josephine (age 4 - 6)

Runner ups: Aria, Kayla, Ella



Winner: Elizabeth (age 7 - 9)

Runner ups: Enoch, Kasey, Jasmine, Candice, Chloe, Sharlene



Winners: Milla & Aaron (age 10 - 12 , 13+)

Runner ups: Jason, Amelia, Jayden, Jacqueline, Cali


Best costume award

1 free class

Winner: Jayden as TV guy

He made his own costume !



Share your memory with us (Raffle) Gift certificate of $50


Winner: Kasey




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