Commission Art

Help raise some funds to sustain the business during the closure with nice addition to your home decor! The banana is for size reference :D

Delivery: we can deliver to your door if you live around the GTA

Price & turn around time depend on the chosen medium(oil, acrylic, pencil, ink, watercolour ) and size.  Don't be shy! Ask us for a quote!


Sample pricing :


Acrylic painting 18" x 24" -  $200

Ink/pencil sketch 8.5" x 11" -  $50

Animal portrait


Capture the cute faces of your beloved pet or rekindle the sweet memories with a portrait

Portrait of your house!

A house is basically a structural memory of families who spent their together day and night. Some families have fond memories of their past homes and wish to have portrait of it as a keep sake even though they moved out.


Fan art!

Enough said , any character or scene you adored, we can create it . Nothing beats an original piece of art.

Human portrait

Group or individual , send us a picture and we can create it :)

Landscape, fruits, your plant etc.

Just email us for any project in mind! we are happy and excited to work on them!

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