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FOR AGE 4 - 12

We offer 4 amazing camps

throughout the year !

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Until next year!

Until next year!

PA Day Camp 2018 - 2019

Sorry this service is not available in Aurora location yet

PA Days for both Private and public schools

For age 4 - 12

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For Aurora Studio , it can be arranged by Appointment only.

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Jun 14, 2019 (Fri)
Jun 21, 2019 (Fri)
Jun 27, 2019 (Thur)   *Part of Summer Camp
Jun 28, 2019 (Fri)       * Part of Summer Camp


$ 95 +HST / single Full day

$ 60 + HST/ single half day

No extra fees for extended hours!

* Must have an active student 10 class-pass in the past year.


Multiple days (3 or more full days)          5% off

Multiple days (6 or more full days)      10% off

Pencil student discount                        10% off *

No extra fees for extended hours!



Full Day 9am - 4pm

Half Day AM  9am - 12pm

Half Day PM 1pm - 4pm

Extended hours 8:30am - 6pm


What's included

All Arts and Craft materials

Healthy nut-free snacks & fruits

Extended hours 8:30am - 6pm


What we do?

Base on the theme of the day, our Art activities usually involves individual painting, paper craft, clay sculpture.  All activities are step by step instructed with the teacher to children ratio of 1:5 or less.


March Break Camp 2018 - 2019

Until next year!

What's so special about our camp?

Extra-ordinary projects

Don't just sit and draw on a piece of paper for the whole day! Build a castle, a space shuttle!Our camp is famous for having ex-ordinary projects that tie closely to themes that change everyday. It is a mixture of both miniature and gigantic projects with both individual and team work.

Team building

We focus a lot on team building through our group projects. With the age range of our campers, we assign different tasks for them to help complete the group projects. Through varies fun game play, we hope to give the campers chances to socialize and learn to work with their peers.

FLEXIBLE HOURS & missed day policy

We are trying our best to accommodate parents and we understand there are many changes in plan especially with kids. We offer no extra charge to extended hours for all our camps and also if you missed a day, we will save your credit for future use! So don't stress about it :)

"My daughter and son both love and enjoyed fun filled summer camp this year! They worked on various creative projects together with other kids as a team. Joyce and her team are wonderful! we will be returning the studio next summer!!!!"  ~ Grace, parent

"My 4.5-years-old daughter always looks forward to joining Joyce's art camp. She would bring home her art projects with a big smile and share what she has learned from camp with her little brother. We can't wait for another fun week of March Break art camp to start at Pencil Studio!"  ~ Phoebe,  parent

What to bring and prepare for Art Camp ?

Nut-free lunch
Please advice your children not to share food to other campers

water bottle
We have water machine for refilling and stay hydrated

unwanted clothes
or a big t-shirt
We use acrylic paint & it's very hard to wash off from fabric

Epi-pen : We recommend children with allegies to keep their Epi-pen close to them at all times.

Comfortable shoes
Especially for Winter & March Break camps and on field trip days during summer!

Camp field trip only

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