Artwork for sale!

Help raise some funds to sustain the business during the closure with nice addition to your home decor! The banana is for size reference :D

Delivery: we can deliver to your door if you live around the GTA

Lights around us

Oil on canvas

6" x 6" each


$ 100 /each
$ 500 /whole set of 6


Whether it's lights from street lamp and string lights from my backyard, they are captivating and emitting such warmth and hope. These small square paintings are painted with the rich colours and texture of oil paint and you can freely arrange them across your wall!

Oh Dear!

Acrylic on canvas

36" x 48"


$ 800


One of my beloved painting with great visual impact and interest.  Majestic and graceful , the deer is one of my favourite animal. I always think of them as tree fairies as their antlers are like branches :) I am sure this painting can add character to your house!


The gentle morning sun sheds on the quiet streets in Venice. The brief peaceful moment before the busy tourist floods the beautiful city. Among the stillness, the water in the canal is  moving steadily. It's an atmospheric painting that's full of details and sunlight :)

Good Morning! Venice

Oil on canvas

12" x 36" each


$ 500

Stay Strong

Oil on canvas

12" x 12" each


$ 100


This birch tree is almost dried up in the ungoverned wilderness under the uncanny sky. The twisted branches seems to tell us its will to live . It was based on a beautiful photograph taken by Michael Lau. Strokes are expressive and describing the twists, the rough and flaky bark of the tree.

Sky & its land

Oil on canvas

8" x 10" each


$ 80/each
$ 200/set of 3

Small, yet full of fine stroke movements to convey the breeze, the outgrown forest and voluminous clouds. There's always so much beauty in landscape paintings.

City at dawn

Oil on canvas

8" x 10" each


$ 100

One of my favourite small paintings. Abstract and painted mostly by knife, thick layers of bright tones highlighted the dark and cold shadows. Full of fast paced pedestrians and cars rushing to go home at the golden hour . Based off my beloved journalist friend Carmen Ng's photo :) Thank you.

Portrait of past glory

Oil on canvas

20" x 20" each


$ 400

This is in Botanische Staatssammlung and it is not a house but a science centre in Germany dated back in the 19th century. Again it's a picture from my dear friend Carmen Ng. I was immediately captivated by it's botanical garden and vivid colours.

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