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Children art classes

4 age levels

These leveled classes provide a well-rounded development in drawing, sketching and painting skills in a fun class setting. Students will explore a wide variety of mediums such as watercolour, pastels, acrylic, pencil crayons & more.

General development

Level 1 (Age 4 - 6)

These young artists will learn Art fundamentals, explore different mediums in an engaging environment packed with fun & rich art projects that feel just like games!

1 Teacher to 6 Students

General development

Level 2 (Age 6 - 9)

Students will learn about the colour theory and design principles such as space, composition, forms and texture. Students are encouraged to find their personal creative expression & sharpen their visual sensibility.

1 Teacher to 7 Students

General development

Level 3 ( Age 9 - 12)

This advanced course provides the depth and breadth of understanding art and design. Get inspired with various art movements and culture, students will learn about the uniqueness and similarities of various drawing techniques and styles.

1 Teacher to 8 Students


General development

Level 4 (Age 13 - 17)

This course is for students with serious interest in developing advanced techniques in drawing and painting. Focuses on traditional skills and in depth studies of human, animal, still life and landscape.  

1 Teacher to 8 Students


Add-on Specialized class

Sketch only (For level 2 & 3)

Sketching is a very fundamental class that is important to all students who are getting more serious in arts. We hone in on observation skills and patience, and fine tune the control of using a pencil.

The intention of this class is not to have a "pretty, completed artwork" , but is more about practicing and training students to be able to realistically draw / sketch objects on their own.

Students are recommended to bring a sketchbook (about 9" x 12") and shading pencils. We also provide loose sheets of paper.

1 Teacher to 7 students

Add-on Specialized class

Acrylic Painting (For level 2 & 3)

Love painting? Me too. This 2 hour class is fast paced and you can finish the painting in one class. The topics varies but mostly landscapes. Learn how to blend colours, make textures and control the consistency and ways of using the brush or other tools to paint. This class is recommended to students who had some experiences in our general leveled classes.

We provide watercolour paper, and $5 cash for a canvas upgrade. You can also bring your own canvas if it is about 11x14" size.

1 Teacher to 7 students

Portfolio Class

Interested in art program in high schools? Usually they require 3 - 6 pieces of artwork (includes sketching, painting & sculpture ) and a test on your life drawing skills. We can provide training and consultation to better prepare you in the audition and develop a portfolio that best represent yourself.

We recommend students to start the preparation as early as the second semester of Grade 7 as the audition usually starts in January. That would give us around 1 year's time. Feel free to email us with the recent artworks and we can provide more details on a suggested timeline that is best for you.

What we provide:

- Brainstorm ideas for projects that would stand out

- Help develop quality sketchbook with drawing & painting exercises

- Gestural drawing training

- Learn compositions and shading techniques

Teacher has honours bachelor degree of design with 10+yrs of experience.

This class cannot guarantee you can admit to the art program but it is always a great learning experience in this preparation process. Think of it as a boot camp of art that you can expect to see great development of skills within a year.


Thurs 4:00 - 6:00 or 4:30 - 6:30pm

More studio hours can be arranged on Friday, Sat and Sun to finish up projects.

$60 +HST / class
$275 +HST 5-class package

* Subject to extra cost if extra materials are needed. We usually provide as much as we can if the studio has it (e.g. wires, clay to a certain amount, random craft supplies, canvas to a certain size. We only charge extra if it is very big and costly)


Private bookings:
Weekdays before 3pm or after 7pm are preferred

Please email me about your preferred time/day and learning goal.

Group workshops:
I occasionally organize group painting workshop on Friday nights (7 - 9pm) at a discounted rate. Stay tuned!


Whether you want to learn about sketching or painting or you have a one-time project that you would like to get some help, I am happy to tailor the class to your goal.

Adult art classes

Adult group
$60 +HST / class

Adult private painting
$75 +HST / class (2 hrs)

Adult private sketching
$65 +HST / class  (1.5 hr)

Semi-private class can get a better rate.

Scheduling 5 classes all at once can get a discount as well .

Free YouTube simple tutorials :)


We have some Free short lessons on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy!

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