Hello! I 'm Joyce


I am the founder of Pencil Studio! Welcome to our site! Pencil was opened in 2013. From a small cozy studio at Apple creek and woodbine to 2 locations at woodbine and Aurora and back to one studio at 9th line,  the pandemic  has changed so much to our lives and also to our business.

I can't thank enough for all my wonderful staff and all the parents who have supported us through all these years despite we have moved to further East of Markham.

In this reduced scale of operation, we are back to focusing on improving the quality of teaching. We believe in the importance of having a well-balanced development of both techniques and creativity to sustain a long lasting interest in Art and it starts with building a more intimate relationship with students in a calm, relaxing and welcoming environment.

I am also an commission artist, specialized in landscape painting and passionate about the impressionist style. If you are interested in seeing some of my work, please check here.

Devin Lo


The unofficial doorman at our Markham location, Devin takes care of everyday operations at Pencil. He joined our staff team in 2018 and he makes sure every aspect of Pencil’s operations runs smoothly each day so that everyone leaves with a big smile!

Vicky Leung

Art Instructor

She joined Pencil Studio right before COVID and has been teaching kids online :) Vicky is experienced in early child care and always keeps the class fun yet very informative. She makes amazing felt crafts toys for children , check this out!

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