Hello! I 'm Joyce


I am the founder of Pencil Studio! Welcome to our site! Pencil was opened in 2013. It has grown from a small studio with only myself into a larger facility in 2017.

I can't thank you enough for my wonderful team and parents who have supported us through these years.

In Pencil, we believe in the importance of having a well-balanced development of both techniques and creativity to sustain a long lasting interest in Art.

Hope to see you in the studio! :)


Joyce Ng

Director, Pencil Studio Inc.

Meet our super duper awesome amazing team ;-)

Simon Raskina


Michael Lin


Devin Lo


Elora Borges



Hazel Rubio


Samantha Beauchamp


Sarah Chan


Cindy Yu

Matthew Lau

Alison Tsui


Ashlei Stewart


Christy Chan


Gordon Kong


Winnie Zhan


Ekata Ma


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