Hello! I 'm Joyce


I am the founder of Pencil Studio! Welcome to our site! Pencil was opened in 2013. It has grown from a small studio with only myself, into a larger facility in Markham in 2017!

I can't thank you enough for my wonderful team and parents who have supported us through all these years.

At Pencil, we believe in the importance of having a well-balanced development of both techniques and creativity to sustain a long lasting interest in Art.

Hope to see you in class! :)



Joyce Ng

Director, Pencil Studio Inc.


Meet our super duper awesome amazing team ;-)

Devin Lo


The unofficial doorman at our Markham location, Devin takes care of everyday operations at Pencil. He joined our staff team in 2018 and he makes sure every aspect of Pencil’s operations runs smoothly each day so that everyone leaves with a big smile!

Hazel Rubio

Markham Studio manager

Hazel has been with Pencil since 2017. She has a background in Art Fundamentals and Graphic Design. She is here to oversee our teachers during classes, and ensure that everyone is getting the wonderful Pencil learning experience. Soft spoken, patient and super focused, she also leads the project planning for our classes and she is always willing to teach her students how to further their skills. She is currently studying video game animation and design and diving her way into the digital art world.

As well, she is an amazing designer and illustrator in her own right. You can check out her work here!

Sarah Chan


Sarah graduated from the Illustration program at Sheridan College, she loves exploring quirky ideas and having lots of fun in every class!

She joined Pencil Studio in 2018, as a child who loved to doodle on every piece of paper she can find, she is passionate about inspiring and guiding each student to be confident in their own abilities, overcome challenges and shine bright in every step of their creative journey.


Check out her work here


Vicky Leung

Art Instructor


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