Hello! I 'm Joyce


I am the founder of Pencil Studio! Welcome to our site! Pencil was opened in 2013. It has grown from a small studio with only myself into a larger facility in 2017.

I can't thank you enough for my wonderful team and parents who have supported us through these years.

In Pencil, we believe in the importance of having a well-balanced development of both techniques and creativity to sustain a long lasting interest in Art.

Hope to see you in the studio! :)


Joyce Ng

Director, Pencil Studio Inc.

Meet our super duper awesome amazing team ;-)

Simon Raskina

Creative Director - Pencil's Superstar

An awesome artist who has a vibrant style of painting, just like his way of teaching- always full of energy and fun! Check out his work here!


Michael Lin

Special Events coordinator

Coordinator and Host for special events! This guy has a passion for creation, and is eager to guide you along your own art adventure.

Daniel Lin

Hiring Manager & HR,  Administrator

Taking care of everything from your account to Pencil's overall well being, this gent can answer all your questions and is always happy to assist your needs.

Hazel Rubio

Senior Art Instructor

Amazing designer and illustrator ( check her work here!). Soft spoken and patient, she helps project planning and she is always willing to teach and show more.

Samantha Beauchamp

Senior Art Instructor

Always having a positive vibe and an excellent illustrator who loves sketching, many of our fun projects were her ideas!  (check her work here !)

Jeremy Penman

Senior Art Instructor
- Tallest Artist at Pencil

Spicing up Pencil's atmosphere with his in-depth knowledge of all things random! Jeremy's hobbies include long walks on the beach, painting, and rock climbing.



Mitchell Chan


Look after Pencil behind the scenes. You may receive his calls or even spot him sometimes if you are lucky  :D

Cindy Yu

Art Instructor

Established make up artist, Cindy is funny and quirky at times, she brings joy to young kids at class!

Matthew Lau

Assistant Art Instructor

Student at OCAD with the cutest art style. He is the one who did the murals at our studio! Focused and detailed, he is there to enhance students' learning experience!

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