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Studio is closed on Jun 24 - Jul 1

Summer: July 6 - Aug 25 class schedule

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Welcome to Pencil Studio!
What do we offer

Pencil Studio is an innovative, fun, and cozy art studio opened since 2013. We offer exciting arts and craft learning experience for kids, adults, corporate parties and families.

Teachers here are youthful, energetic and down-to-earth who are passionate to provide enjoyable learning experience and  sustainable interest in Art.
Let your Art learning journey begin here!

  • In-person weekly Art classes for children (4 - 17 years old)
  • In-person Art camps (PA day, Winter, March break, Summer)
  • In-person seasonal workshops for adult & family
  • Private adult class
  • Birthday parties or any group painting sessions
  • Afterschool program or workshop at schools
  • Online classes can be arranged by request
Interest always comes first

We believe the first & foremost lesson of Art is to enjoy it. Art learning is a lot about exploring while practicing and this journey is never quick and easy. It takes great amount of interest and persistence that is sustained by a good balance of challenges and fulfillment. We strive to facilitate a nurturing environment for everyone to develop a long lasting interest, confidence and independence in their own unique Art journey.

What do the parents say about us?

"I got surprised every time when I see my daughter's work after the class. Creative, good concept, nice overall pictures layout, never thought that she was so talented. Thanks to teacher Joyce for the good guidance and the passion you have for the kids."
 ~ Wanda, parent

"Unlike traditional art class, Joyce allows students to explore, learn, and express their creativity. Excellent art class for children!" 
~ Grace, parent

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