More in-person classes reopening
Fall schedule Stage 2 (Nov 2 - 29, 2020)

We are re-opening for level 2, 3, 4 classes and we will continue our online classes as well. Click here for new schedule.



Learn at the comfort of your home with our step by step interactive lessons!


We have some Free short lessons on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy!


Starting Nov 2, we will offer more in-person classes in Markham studio. Now available to level 2, 3, 4.


Review our safety measures and pick-up and drop-off procedures to get ready to come back :)!


We are happy to take more suggestions from parents to make our studio a safer place, feel free to email us for your valuable suggestion!

Pencil Studio is an innovative, fun, and cozy Art studio that offers an exciting Arts & Crafts learning experience for all ages. Collaborated by a group of energetic, down-to-earth instructors, each with their own unique and vibrant interdisciplinary backgrounds, we've pooled our knowledge together and developed creative ways to ensure an enjoyable Art learning journey for you.

Interest always comes first

We believe the first & foremost lesson of Art is to enjoy it. Art learning is a lot about exploring while practicing and this journey is never quick and easy. It takes great amount of interest and persistence that is sustained by a good balance of challenges and fulfillment. We strive to facilitate a nurturing environment for everyone to develop a long lasting interest, confidence and independence in their own unique Art journey.

What we offer

Children Arts & Craft Classes

Art Camps

Birthday Parties



Adult Classes & Workshops

Family Workshops & Events

Corporate Team Building


"I got surprised every time when I see my daughter's work after the class. Creative, good concept, nice overall pictures layout, never thought that she was so talented. Thanks to teacher Joyce for the good guidance and the passion you have for the kids."
 ~ Wanda, parent

"Unlike traditional art class, Joyce allows students to explore, learn, and express their creativity. Excellent art class for children!"
~ Grace, parent

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